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Latest Announcements


STANLEY Assembly Technologies EB Series Tool Headlight Kit Announcement

STANLEY Assembly Technologies is pleased to announce the introduction of the EB Series Tools Headlight Kit. This kit can be ordered as a retrofit kit or as a factory option on EB-Series Corded Tools. The headlight kit includes a motor cover, headlight housings, and screws for the upgrade of an existing EB-Series tool.

  • Integrated Design - It offers an integrated kit design for EB33 and EB34-Series Tools, allowing the 2 high-intensity LED’s to be located on the underside of the tool.
  • High Power Lighting - The LED lights offer bright light to illuminate your work area.
  • Wide Angle LED’s – STANLEY’s wide-angle LED’s do not require specific positioning to increase visibility and productivity.
  • Durable – The headlight kit is designed to integrate into the STANLEY EB-Series Corded Tools.
  • It has been designed with the same material as the B-Series Cordless Tool handles and modules which have undergone aggressive impact testing.

EB33 Headlight Kit
Part Number - 20H106500
EB34 Headlight Kit
Part Number Description 20H106501



STANLEY Assembly Technologies - QBE Controller Software Release – Version 5.2.13-2

STANLEY Assembly Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Version 5.2.13-2 software for the SAT QBE Controller Platform. The software and the supporting documentation are available through your STANLEY representatives or STANLEY Authorized Distributors. If you have questions on the release, please contact us at one of the following:


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